Product Serialization:

In the FMCG market Product Serialization is the ultimate thing to track and trace a single product piece in the market.
ach product gets a unique identification serial number, using 2D bar code (QR Code or Data Matrix).
Product manufacturer now can trace each individual product throughout its product life cycle, starting from Manufacturing, QA, Warehouse, Distributor Network finally to the customer.
Customer also got the power to trace the product trough smart mobile.
Another biggest issue in the market is product counterfeiting, which kills the brand security of a product.
Product Serialization is the master stroke against Product Counterfeiting.

Our Role in Product Serialization:

We provide one stop end to end solution for Product Serialization.

We design the customized production line setup for QR Code marking on your product.

We install Laser Marking System, Label Applicator or Inkjet Marker whichever suits your product, design and develop the conveying system and all types of customized automation for QR Marking for your production line.

We setup lines for Secondary Packaging also and Mark Serial Numbers for your Shippers. Also, we define and Mark Serial number for your Pallets too.

We design end to end Traceability Software for you, customized as per your need.

We provide you Anticounterfeiting mobility Software for your Customers, who can check the product authenticity just by scanning the QR code marked the product from his/her mobile.

Our Software provide MIS reporting for your serialized product for your Factory Production, Warehouse solution, Sales reporting etc.

You don’t need to have any Software team to maintain the whole bunch of Software. We provide the seamless support for that.

Also, all our machines are smart machines, whenever powered up it connects to a secure server and at any time our team can give you remote support for your seamless production.