In Motion Weighing Machine:

In the FMCG production Industries the very common problem is weight variation of the product going in to the market.
While the consumer receives the underweight product incurs loss of brand image and trust.
In the other side the overweight products create loss to the company. Now, weighing of each product individually is impossible in a production line.
The In Motion Weighing Machine is there to help you out. We have designed the product in such a way so that it can easily fit to any production line.

Quick Demonstration

Some of the Key features of the machines are:

Complete control of weighing of final package going to the market without any manual intervention

Eliminates the possibility of underweight or overweight products in the Market saves a lot of wastage of money

In-motion weighing doesn’t hamper overall line speed and increases efficiency. In some high-speed models, it can even measure 20 Shipper Boxes per minute

IMWM machines are connected with IoT Adaptor, So, all related production Information Data analytics and reports provide real time update to management

Increases trust and accountability of the distributors and retailers